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Watch Tools - Miscellaneous

Watch Tools - Miscleneous

SS-501 =Dust Remover Pump, Sleek Type
SS-502 =Dust Remover Pump
SS-503 =Glass Remover with Plate
SS-504 =Punch Box for Hole Closing (Set of 7 Pcs.) In Plastic Box
SS-505 =Punch Box (Set of 25 Pcs.) in Wooden Box
SS-506 =Punch Box, Hardened and Tempered (Set of 25 Pcs.)
SS-507 =Revetting Flat stake, Large, With 36 Holes
SS-508 =Revetting Flat stake, Small, With 36 Holes
SS-509 =Revetting Round stake, Small, With 16 Holes
SS-510 =Revetting Round Stake with 9 Holes
SS-511 =Split Stake with 9 Holes