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Scalers and Probes

SS-408 =Probes Set of 4 Pcs.
SS-409 =Wax Carving Tool (Set of 10 Pcs.), Insulated
SS-410 =Wax Carvers/Probes (Set of 10 Pcs.)
SS-411 =Wax Carvers/Probes (Set of 6 Pcs.)
SS-412 =Wax Carvers/Probes (Set of 6 Pcs.)
SS-413 =Wax Carving (Set of 4 Pcs.)
SS-414 =Wax Carvers/Probes, Made of Stainless Steel, Loose
SS-415 =Probes, Set of 3 Pcs.
SS-416 =Probes, Set of 2 Pcs.
SS-417 =Spring Hook, Set of 2, Insulated
SS-418 =Spring Hook, Set of 5, With Handle
SS-419 =Spring Hook, Set of 5, Red Insulated
SS-420 =Scriber L Shape and Straight, Made of Iron/Steel/Stainless Steel
SS-421 =Scriber with Handle
SS-422 =Dental Pick (Set of 6 Pcs.)
SS-423 =Dental Kit Set
SS-424 =Chisel (Set of 6 Pcs.)
SS-425 =Wire Loop Tool