SS-101 =Set Of 5,Plier with Comfort Grip
SS-102 =Chain Link Remover Plier, For Ladies Watch Bands
SS-103 =Chain Link Remover Plier, Round Nose Type
SS-104 =Combination Chain Nose Plier with Cutter
SS-105 =Forming Plier with Hollow and Half Round Nose
SS-106 =Forming Plier with Hollow and Round Nose
SS-107 =Watch Strap Hole Punching Plier
SS-108 =Jewellers Snip/Cutter, Available with and without Lock
SS-109 =Plier Wire Bending
SS-110 =Plier Bent Nose with V Spring
SS-111 =Plier Chain Nose with/without spring
SS-112 =Set Of 3,Plier with Comfort Grip
SS-113 =Bar Bending,Wire Wrapping,Combo,Case Closing Plier
SS-114 =Plier Flat Nose with/without spring
SS-115 =Plier Flat Nose with Brass Tip
SS-116 =Forming Plier Set Of 4
SS-117 =Plier Bow Opening, Made of Stainless Steel, Polished
SS-118 =Plier Long Nose with/without spring
SS-119 =Plier Long Nose with Comfort Grip
SS-120 =Plier Loop Closing
SS-121 =Plier Looping, Flat and Round Nose
SS-122 =Plier Ring Bending
SS-123 =Plier Ring Holding
SS-124 =Combination Chain Nose Plier with Cutter-5"
SS-125 =Plier Rosary Round Nose with Cutter
SS-126 =Plier Round Nose with/without spring
SS-127 =Plier for Spectacles with Nylon Grip
SS-128 =Plier Strap Knotching
SS-129 =Plier Side Cutter with/without spring
SS-130 =Mini Plier Set Of 5
SS-131 =Knotting Plier
SS-132 =Plier Stone Setting
SS-133 =Plier Top Cutter with/without spring
SS-134 =Plier Top Cutter with Comfort Grip
SS-135 =Plier Top Cutter with centre Spring
SS-136 =Plier Bent Nose with centre Spring
SS-137 =Plier Chain Nose with centre Spring
SS-138 =Plier Long Flat Nose centre spring
SS-139 =Plier Flat Nose with centre Spring
SS-140 =Plier Round Nose with centre Spring
SS-141 =Plier Side Cutter with centre Spring