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Movement or Case Holders and Case Openers

SS-553 =Case Opener Cum Knife With Grip
SS-554 =Case Opener for Rolex Oyster Type Watches
SS-555 =Movement Holder for Ladies and Gents, Swiss Style
SS-556 =Movement Holder for Quartz Watches and Plastic Holder for Watch Cases
SS-557 =Movement or Case Holder, Wooden with Fly Nut
SS-558 =Universal Case Opener With Side Handles For Waterproof Watches
SS-559 =Watch Case Holder With Clamp
SS-560 =Watch Case Holder With Plastic Pins
SS-561 =Watch Case Movement Holder, Multipurpose
SS-562 =Watch Case Opener for Quartz Snap Type Backs
SS-563 =Watch Case Opener for West End and Favre Luba Watches
SS-564 =Water Proof Case Opener, Nickelled, V Type
SS-565 =Water Proof Case Opener, Pocket Type
SS-566 =Water Proof Case Opener, Butterfly Type, With Centre Screw
SS-567 =Water Proof Case Opener, Jaxa Type
SS-568 =Water Proof Case Opener, Rubber with Wooden Handle