Star Surgical Works is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of all types of General Surgical Instrument,
Dental Instrument, Gyanocolgy & Obsetrician, EYE & ENT Instrument, Precission Tools, Tweezers,
Minature Pliers, Cutters etc
for diverse Purpose.

We are regularly supplying our top quality Products to our valued custmers essentially required for Jewelery,
Gold Smith, Watchmaker, Electronics Industries, Opticals, Hobby Industries & Precission works,
Medical & Beauti Cox

Star Surgical Works is an over five decades old Enterprises with a unique distinctian of being Manufacturer Exporter.
After well Establishing in the Domestic Market especially among the Exporting Community who get their supplies from
us for export now enter the worldfield to cater the need of the World Market. Our Products are exported to U.S.A , U.K ,
Germany, Australia, East & Far East. Our Products enjoy an increasing popularity. A steady growth which was refelected
in the efforts of other Companies manufacturing same products to copy our products but our quality was generations
ahead of its compititors.

The close & friendly relationship with our Clients scattered all over the world help us to improve our products more providing
a fruitful development for the company.